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This week we are releasing dragon arrows and darts into the game. Yes, that's right, new dragon weaponry! Getting hold of them will be tricky, though: you will have to find and catch implings in a new Hunter mini-game, Impetuous Impulses. Chihiro has added a rabble of these naughty implings to the world.

Like their imp cousins, they are mischievous and can be found wandering around the oddest places. Implings like to collect things that people want, and if you learn how to hunt them down and capture them you will be able to pick up their loot. Of special interest will be the ultra-rare dragon implings that may be carrying the new dragon arrows and darts. But beware: only the most proficient hunters will be able to catch them.

To find the implings you can visit their home plane, Puro-Puro, by discovering the mysterious crops circles that will transport you there. You'll find many implings there, though most of them will be inexperienced implings who haven't learnt the best items to collect. You'll be able to run around their maze-like home with a butterfly net and try to catch them. They can fly over fences, though, so they may not be as easy to catch as you think.

You'll also find some of the implings wandering lost around the world. If you find a rare one, and are able to catch it, you'll get their loot without having to bother with cross-planar travel and crop circles. So keep your eyes peeled! Even if you can't catch a dragon impling yourself, maybe you can get a friend who can to help... Summary

Requirements to play Impetuous Impulses

Level 17 Hunter High Strength and Thieving is an advantage Lost City is useful