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48px 新聞 來自RuneScape官方的新聞
Stickies-128x128 翻譯中... 本條目正在從其他語言內容翻譯成正體中文 歡迎您積極參與翻譯與修訂
Grrr....Growl....Woof! The Makeover Mage has been hard at work giving man's best (and sometimes not so best) friend a new look. The Makeover Mage paid a visit to Canifis and gave the werewolves a haircut and pedicure. Then off he/she went to the cold mountain ranges of RuneScape to smarten up the wolves. The Makeover Mage didn't stop there, he/she sent all the dogs of RuneScape to the dog groomer. Keep your eyes peeled for the new look for man's best friend.

In other news...

An issue with the Lunar Spellbook has been fixed for one specific spell. Players should now be able to temporarily swap spellbooks, cast a spell from a different book and then change back to the Lunar Spellbook once more.

Two songs from our wonderful collection have been renamed to better suit their uses. 'Gnome' has been renamed to 'Goblin Village' which certainly doesn't contain any gnomes! The other was 'Gnome Theme' which has been changed to 'Dwarf Theme' and reflects the nearby creatures that inhabit the area.

We've added a bracelet mould to the Crafting Guild. Players should now have everything at hand for all their Crafting needs.

Players should no longer get confused when talking to King Roald. He was acting a bit strange and sometimes greeted players twice. It would've been rude to mention, but he is a king after all!

We have also slightly adjusted the text colour on stacked items, making it easier to distinguish between a large and small number of objects.