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48px 新聞 來自RuneScape官方的新聞
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The birds of RuneScape have been perched, sick as a parrot and grebe with envy over these graphical updates that have been higher in the pecking order. Well, now it's their tern; after all, "toucan play at that game".

That's right, those with eyes of a hawk will notice an upgrade to the plumage of our fowl friends. From the ducks and gulls to the more vicious terrorbirds and jubblies, there is plenty to gobble up.

So, swallow your pride and flock into game swiftly if you want a goosey gander at our eggs-ellent new bird update - there is certainly plenty to go cuckoo over.

Finally, mugger (level 6) has sneaked himself onto the graphical guestlist and also received a rework.