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48px 新聞 來自RuneScape官方的新聞
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"Once upon a time in a land far, far away..." Our latest quest takes you into the world of fairy tales, where you'll save a dwarf in distress, tell a bedtime story to a vicious beast and fight a monster so large, well, you'll have to find out...

In Grim Tales you take on Sylas's quest to find some of the most collectible items in RuneScape (well, they're collectible if you're odd like Sylas). Make incredible potions that will drastically change your perspective on the world. Explore your musical talents. Steal gold from the guardian in the sky and flee for your life!

The magic of the Brothers Grimm's tales is vividly brought to life for you to experience for yourself, but you may find that events differ from what you have been told! Be sure to wear your best armour and strongest weapons when you venture forth in search of treasures!

Magic beans, dear friends, magic beans..... Summary

Requirements to begin Grim Tales

Witch's House

Level 45 Farming Level 52 Herblore Level 58 Thieving Level 59 Agility Level 71 Woodcutting