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48px 新聞 來自RuneScape官方的新聞
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Scientists in RuneScape's lands have always been a bit insane, with heroic sorts often dragged into the researchers' mad plans. Whether it has been Oddenstein turning assistants into chickens or Fenkenstrain making monsters from the sadly departed, their plans have never had much appeal to the common man. In these modern times, however, a new breed of scientist has emerged.

Professor Oddenstein's search for a reliable assistant continued after the affair of Ernest the Chicken and has finally been successful. Enter Ava, the newest inhabitant of Draynor Manor, now a proud resident of one of Draynor's most historic homes. She shows no interest in megalomaniacal plans and scoffs at persecuting hapless minions. Her living arrangements are free of unusual furniture and she has no strange pets. In fact, all she desires is a good night's sleep. She is not, however, without some signs of eccentricity. Not only is she looking for adventurers to help sort out her house, but she claims that animal magnetism may be in some way useful when wielding a bow...

In other news...

The Cape of Legends developed a bug last week that caused it to display incorrectly if worn by a male character. Our team of highly skilled seamstresses has now restored the cape to its proper shape.

Players venturing into dark areas are now prevented from extinguishing their light sources. However this will not stop them being extinguished if something else tries to put them out, so be careful around underground rivers and giant moles!

The new dragonhide armour released with last week's new treasure trail rewards now has a level 40 defence requirement.