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48px 新聞 來自RuneScape官方的新聞
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It's a penguin quest!

Many have pondered the big questions in life: Who am I? Why am I here? What are those shifty penguins really up to? But none had taken the last one more seriously than Larry, a rather discombobulated* Ardougne Zookeeper. He's long suspected those penguins were up to no good, and now he's going to prove it.

Larry is preparing to set off on an observational research trip to an iceberg in the Lunar Sea. He needs your help to get supplies and build a bird hide, where he will put your skills and your patience to the test. Be careful, though: a relaxing trip of penguin-watching is bound to reveal far more sinister things afoot... or aflipper.

For those of you eager to take on this challenge, you'll get to explore a brand new iceberg where you're likely to meet some interesting - and strangely musical - creatures who can even teach you a few new emotes. You'll also be rewarded with access to a brand new Agility course involving swimming through dangerous waters, avoiding falling icicles, slipping on ice and sliding on your belly!

But not all is fun and games with these penguins. Be prepared to step into someone else's shoes, er, claws and discover what the penguins are planning in their Cold War.

To start this quest, go and visit Larry by the penguin enclosure at the Ardougne Zoo.

  • Is nothing to do with disco, or Bob.

In other news...

In Barbarian Assault, defenders will find that their barricades now last for longer when they try to block the Penance caves.

Icons have been added to the minimap to indicate places where sandpits may be found.